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What is Pawa POS?

‘’Pawa POS is a Point of Sale solution that manages and controls business sales with greater proficiency, to give a better understanding of what product sells best and refine their stock accordingly, track product results and performance and engage customers. Pawa Pos serves as the central component for the business; it’s the hub where everything—such as sales, inventory, and customer management—merges.

Why PawaPOS

With PAWA Pos the cashier on duty calculates the amount owed by customers using a barcode scanner where all the selling prices are linked to the product code of an item when adding stock, so the cashier only needs to scan this code to process a sale. The indicated amount is then prepared on an invoice for the customer(which may be a cash register printout). After receiving payment, the cashier may issue a receipt or the transaction, which is usually printed but can also be dispensed with or sent electronically.

The system is customized to suit all types of retail businesses, because it generates invoices and quotations with company logo and information, provides businesses with greater flexibility, control, and intelligence than ever before. PAWA Pos helps businesses move from traditional cash registers and stationary credit card readers to iPads and even mobile- or cloud-based POS systems and one of the most obvious and compelling reasons for using PAWA Pos is that this system does away with the need for price tags.

Other advantages that PAWA Pos provides include:

  • The system has the ability to implement various types of discounts.
  • Inventory management- Unlike a cash register, PAWA Pos solution includes advanced inventory management capabilities. From tracking a product’s quantity-on-hand to setting up reorder levels.
  • Employment management- The system minimizes the time you spend on schedules and schedule enforcement. PAWA POS systems include time clock functionality, so your employees can clock in and out on a POS terminal.PAWA Point of sale advantages empowers you with access control measures to make sure employee identity is verified for clock-ins and access to your system—especially for functions including voids and returns to minimize shrinkage from employee theft.
  • Reporting-PAWA Pos Solution generates detailed sales reports (based on the product, hour, employee, total cost of items sold, total retail amount, net profit, profit percentage, gross margin).

With PAWA POS reporting, you can access reports even when you are at home or traveling.  No matter where you are, you’ll always have the information you need to make data-driven business decisions.

  • Faster service-Do you like to wait in long lines? We didn’t think so; we don’t either, and neither do your customers. In fact, if checkout lines are too long, customers will get frustrated and put back the items they intended to purchase and walk out. PAWA POS solution provides a faster checkout process than cash registers, especially if they’re using a barcode scanner to ring up the products. PAWA POS Solution allows you to make the most of the checkout experience to engage customers and make sure they leave with a good impression of your brand.

The advantage of using this system doesn’t just end here, Pawa solutions can reduce human error, speed up your payment process, increase your loss prevention, maintain accurate prices, this system also supply flexibility & good visibility and track your returns.

If you don’t know which products are best sold, which sales and promotions generate the most revenue, or which person sells most of the products, it will be very damaging to your business.

Briefly, allow the SISKUS INFINITY TECHNOLOGY team to help you groom your retail business with PAWA’s complex POS system, the multi-outlet retail and inventory management system.

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